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Health Services for Wound Care

Specialized training for wound care nurses at the forefront in the treatment and prevention of chronic wounds in virtually all practice settings is what sets us apart. For patients with poor circulation, diabetes, or conditions that require long periods of bed rest, non-healing wounds can lead to infection, loss of a limb, or even death. Wound care nurses work with the family members & nursing assistants to be sure that patients are kept clean and turned.

The NBN Group is dedicated to delivering world class comprehensive homecare services. We offer integrative services including skilled nursing, respiratory equipment and therapists, pharmacy and infusion services, and behavioral programs. It is our belief that by having all homecare services originate from one company, superior coordination of care is provided and ultimately better patient outcomes are achieved. To understand how all of these services are provided, click here to learn more.

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Our Registered Nurses evaluate care on a regular basis to assure you the finest in-home health care.

We are the "Champions of Caring."