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Trach/Vent Complete Care Program

Trach/Vent Complete Care

Eighteen years of experience in pediatric homecare has led us to develop this program to further our goal of providing the very best care available to our patients. Taking a child home on a ventilator is an extremely complex experience for all parties involved; the parents, the doctors, discharge planners, and most importantly the patient. This can be compounded when different companies are involved (ie: nursing companies & equipment companies) in the transition from hospital to home. It is our assertion that by having all of the homecare services come from one company, better patient outcomes are achieved. Newborn Nurses and NBN Infusions & NBN Respiratory work together to provide the Trach/ Vent Complete Care Program. This program encompasses all of the services and equipment a trach/vent patient will require in their own home including private duty nursing, portable pulmonetic ventilators, custom trachs, O2, pulse ox, enteral therapy and more.

Each child will have a team of pediatric homecare experts to coordinate their transition to home. The team consists of a Nursing Supervisor, a Respiratory Therapist and a Staffing Coordinator. The team will continue to coordinate the child’s care on an ongoing basis to foster a therapeutic relationship and provide unsurpassed coordination of complex care.

The Respiratory Therapist initially will go to the patients’ home to do a home safety assessment to ensure there is adequate electrical output to sustain all of the respiratory equipment. The equipment NBN Infusions & NBN Respiratory uses is the best equipment in the industry that is the most appropriate for homecare. For example, the LTV Ventilator we provide imparts maximum functionality in a small lightweight package. As a part of our value added service we provide our patients with the latest battery and backpack available which weighs less than the standard battery and is more suitable for homecare. We have extensive experience with all respiratory supplies and we have the ability to obtain any custom equipment needed for each child. The Respiratory Therapist will help the caregivers arrange the child’s room with all of the equipment and supplies so everything is easily accessible and organized. The Respiratory Therapist will be at the home for the first five to seven days the child comes home from the hospital to provide support, technical expertise, and make sure the caregivers can demonstrate and verbalize complete understanding of all the respiratory equipment. There is extensive collaboration between the RRT and the RN (Nursing Supervisor), to provide the very best coordination of care in the home. In addition the RRT will continue to follow the patient and perform monthly follow up visits in the home. There is Respiratory Therapist with extensive pediatric experience on-call twenty-fours hours a day, seven days a week in case of an emergency.

The Staffing Coordinator will schedule all of the nurses who have been identified as compatible clinician to work on each case. He or she will consult with family weekly to ensure the family is happy with the staff provided in the home as well as manage any schedule changes.

The team of experts that has engineered this program adhere to the highest standards in nursing and respiratory care. The Trach/Vent Complete Care Program provides our kids with the very best pediatric respiratory homecare available. If you would like more information about this program or would like to set up a consultation please contact Kelly Begley @ 800-605-9111 X312.

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The NBN Group is dedicated to delivering world class comprehensive homecare services. We offer integrative services including skilled nursing, respiratory equipment and therapists, pharmacy and infusion services, and behavioral programs. It is our belief that by having all homecare services originate from one company, superior coordination of care is provided and ultimately better patient outcomes are achieved. To understand how all of these services are provided, click here to learn more.

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