NBN Infusions now Provides Lumizyme in Homecare Setting

NBN Infusions has exciting news!  We can now provide home infusion for our patients fighting Pompe’s Disease.  Lumizyme is an ezyme replacement therapy that until August of 2014 was traditionally given in the hospital setting.  The FDA has recently approved Lumizyme for homecare.  Our team of clinicians including Pharmacists and Registered Nurses went through extensive training to become proficient in the administration of this ERT.  They did mock trials of preparing and infusing the drug to make certain they had everything correct and everyone knew the procedures to follow for infusing this complicated drug.  We began successfully providing Lumizyme in the homecare setting in October of 2014.

NBN Infusions is so proud of our dedicated team of clinicians who worked so hard to get it right for our patient.  The impact of the patient being able to receive this ERT in the home setting is profound.   There is no place like home.