New Behavioral Network

New Behavioral Network utilizes a team approach to assist all types of families. We strive to keep the family united and healthy in positive ways, while working to bring forth the inherent strengths of the family.

2019 New Behavioral Network Explorer’s Club Summer Camp Guide


1) Financial Support


The New Jersey Children’s System of Care (CSOC) may be able to provide eligible children, youth and young adults up to age 21 financial support toward camp tuition!

Completed applications for CSOC Summer Camp Services must be postmarked or received by PerformCare no later than April 30, 2019. Please visit for more information.

Financial support is based on available resources in a given fiscal year. The amount of financial support available per individual is capped and may vary year-to-year and by how many families apply.

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2) 1:1 Aide Application

If a 1:1 Aide is required , a separate application for 1:1 Aide Services for Summer Camp 2019 must be submitted to PerformCare. You will need the child’s CYBER ID number in order to complete the application. If this information is not known, please contact PerformCare at 877-652-7624. Applications can be found at

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3) Important Information

Before applying for any financial aid or 1:1 aide services, the child must be registered with the camp! So make sure you visit and register your child for camp before applying for aide from PerformCare!

NBN Explorer’s Club Summer Camp Flier

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