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New Behavioral Network utilizes a team approach to assist all types of families. We strive to keep the family united and healthy in positive ways, while working to bring forth the inherent strengths of the family.

Sensory Slime Recipe

Amaze your kids with our homemade slime! This homemade Sensory Slime is easy to make and fun to play with.  You can make it together with your kids for a fun family activity. Be creative and experiment with different colors, fragrances, or textures. It is great for sensory sensitive kids and great for stress relief. You can also use it for your Halloween decorations or put it in an overflowing cauldron for a cool Halloween prop. Follow the recipe below and you will be playing with slime in no time!


1. Borax

2. warm water

3. liquid school glue

4. food coloring

5. essential oils (if desired for scent)

Combine in a small bowl:

3/4 teaspoons of borax

1 1/3 cups very warm water

In a second bowl combine:

2 cups of liquid school glue

1 1/2 cups very warm water

about 10 drops of food coloring

10-20 drops essential oil (if desired for scent)

Once bowls are fully combined, add contents of little bowl to second bowl and mix well.  After slime begins to form, mix well with your hands until all liquid is gone.  Store in airtight container.


Camden County CMO Provider Fair

This photo is from the Camden County CMO Provider Fair. Mara, a case manager from New Behavioral Network, attended this event in order to promote our child mental health and behavioral consultation services. I asked Mara to give a brief description of the event and she said,

“The fair was a great place for us to showcase NBN and the services we provide for ISS, IIH, IIC and our NBN Explorers summer camp.  We pride ourselves for having a great collaboration between ISS, IIH and IIC services, as we have clients who utilize both and try our best to meet the needs of each client. We gave out our homemade sensory slime, which Deanna concocted in our big cauldron… she is willing to share the recipe, because it was such a big hit! The slime is made with scented oils, which makes it an all around great fun and sensory choice for our clients.”

Keep an eye out for our next post to get the recipe for our homemade sensory slime!