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New Jersey Wave – Free Summer Camp for Children Who Have Medical Needs


NEW JERSEY WAVE is a summer camp for children who have medical needs sponsored by Voorhees Pediatric facility and funded by New Jersey Pediatric Patient Charitable Trust Fund.  WAVE is a free camp for children who have medical needs such as the need for medical ventilation, trachs, feeding tubes, or help with daily care.  The aim of the program is to allow this population to experience what many New Jersey kids enjoy at our shore.  Time at the beach, boardwalk, arcades, picnics, campfires, crafts, and hanging out with other kids.


The community center of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, in Egg Harbor Township.  This is located about 10 miles from Ocean City.  The camp is not affiliated with any religious organization, but merely uses these spacious and handicapped facilities.


Children 8 – 18 or still in school, who are cognitively functioning within 2 years of their age level.  Children will spend most of their day involved in activities, so each child should be able to tolerate spending time outdoors (within reason) and spending the day in his/her wheelchair if one is used.  Hospital beds will be present at bedtime.


We have very experienced nurses, respiratory therapists, and doctors, including a pediatric pulmonologist at the camp.  Staff is provided 24 hr/day.  Any child with a stable medical condition will be considered, such as children with neuromuscular disease, lung disease, hearing or visual impairment, etc.  our typical campers have consisted of children with trachs, ventilators, wheelchairs, BiPap, feeding tubes, or complicated  and spasticity management routines.  However;  we have also had children who only need help with positioning and tube feeds.  All are welcome, and we aim to tailor our activities to try to let each child have fun.


New Jersey WAVE was created to facilitate new friendships among children with specialized medical needs, enhance their group interactions, and promote networking with role models.  Children have the opportunity to participate in exciting outdoor activities such as the boardwalk, beach, boating, and the zoo.

This information is directly from the New Jersey Wave website.

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New Jersey Resources: Mom 2 MOM

New Jersey Resources: Mom 2 MOM

New Jersey Resources: Mom 2 MOM

New Jersey Resources: Mom 2 MOM

The Mom 2 Mom program is designed to provide a compassionate and encouraging environment for mothers of children with special needs to come together and share support.

Mom2Mom is now statewide! Thanks to a partnership with the New Jersey Department of Children and Families, the 24/7 Mom2Mom helpline (877-914-MOM2) and related services are available to parents of children with special needs throughout New Jersey. 

Mom2Mom Expanding Statewide to Help More Special-Needs Families
(Home News Tribune, Courier-News, January 31, 2013)

Department of Children and Families Commissioner Allison Blake talks about the benefits of Mom2Mom reaching mothers of children with special needs throughout the state on New Jersey 101.5 radio:

                                   MOM 2 MOM

Our image was created by the mom of a special needs child. The word “MOM” is a palindrome – it is spelled the same both forwards and backwards. It is also a “mirror image” word which means it can be read the same in its current image and its mirror image. When you look at the number two, in its original image, side by side with its mirror image, they form the shape of a heart. Take “MOM 2” and put it next to a mirror, it will form the expression “Mom2Mom” and the two digits will form a heart shape in the middle of the two “Mom” words.

In other words, our image sums up what the Mom2Mom program stands for:

At MOM 2 MOM we see hope in the reflection
of ourselves in each other.