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The NBN Group Introduces the Rutgers Advantage

Newborn Nurses Partners with Rutgers School of Nursing Camden and New Brunswick for Community Health Clinical Rotations

On Friday March 6, 2015 the students from Rutgers introduced the Rutgers Advantage! This program is run by Kay Bessette, BSN – Clinical Educator for Newborn Nurses. The program encourages the students to use the nursing process to identify a Community Health issue and to formulate a plan to address the issue.  Once the plan is completed, the students present it to Newborn Nurses.  If the plan is approved, it is implemented throughout the company.

 One of the clinical groups re-organized field nurse documentation forms to ensure better communication between the office and field staff and to ensure accurate documentation according to the Plan of Treatment for each patient.  Another group developed a preceptor program that will allow themselves and all other newly licensed RNs to be eligible to apply for work with NBN by ensuring the newly licensed nurse has the specialty skills necessary to be a successful community health nurse.

Nursing students are excited to have the opportunity to work on projects that produce real results.

Here are some comments that students have shared about their experiences with NBN.

 Question:  As a new home health care nurse, what would be your greatest anxiety?

“If you would’ve asked me this question before our meeting with NBN today, my answer would probably have been centered around anxiety due to lack of experience…our meeting with NBN really showed me how much I didn’t know about the services and support available to both patients and the nurses.  NBN seems to provide very good training, resources and support for their nurses.  I liked that they considered your skills and developed “tiers” based on those skills in order to place you appropriately.  Their preceptor program for new nurses is also a great way to help new nurses be ready for home health nursing…” 

Question:  What…did I learn today?

“…During today’s simulation experience…I now have a better understanding of how some of the equipment works because up until this point I was unable to see, touch, and demonstrate the proper technique and competencies necessary to be a community based clinical nurse.  This has also made me start to think that community health may be an interest of mine.”

“…I learned some new skills in the skills lab, such as how to use oxygen tanks (I had previously never used this, and was able to set a patient up with oxygen in the hospital last week because of what I learned in lab), how to insert…a feeding tube, and how to hook up the Kangaroo pump tubing to the feeding port.  Not only will these skills help me in the home care setting, but also in the hospital setting.”

Question:  How could NBN best help me to be trained as a new nurse?

“(NBN) provided a fantastic orientation for the nursing students.  By the end I felt like I had learned a lot about the equipment and procedures that NBN nurses use.”

“After spending the day at Newborn Nurses, I have realized how much actually has to go into (becoming a) community based nurse.  We learned about the entire system of people that it takes to make a home health company work.  Newborn Nurses seems to have everything that anyone…would need, from a one-time follow up visit to full-time nursing care for a child with serious medical needs…Because our society is moving toward keeping patients out of the hospital and treating in an outpatient setting, I feel that it is extremely important for me to have this experience and learn about the different aspects of community based nursing.  I am excited to see what it is like once we get to actually go out into the community!”

Walmart, Red Cross Use $3.5 Million Grant to Train for Healthcare Jobs

Walmart, Red Cross Use $3.5 Million Grant to Train for Healthcare Jobs

Walmart, Red Cross Use $3.5 Million Grant to Train for Healthcare Jobs


Walmart, Red Cross Use $3.5 Million Grant to Train for Healthcare Jobs

The NBN Group located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey is dedicated to delivering world class comprehensive home care services including, skilled nursing, respiratory equipment and therapists,  infusion and pharmacy services, and behavioral programs. It is our belief that by having all home care services originate from one company, superior coordination of care is provided and ultimately better patient outcomes are achieved.


A $3.5 million grant from the Walmart Foundation will aid the American Red Cross in training students for healthcare assistant jobs, including home health care workers.

The organizations will help 2,500 students across the U.S. receive training for entry-level healthcare careers via the Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training (NAT) program so that they may become Certified Nurse Assistants to work in home health care, assisted living, nursing homes and hospital settings.

The NAT program is available in the Connecticut cities of Bethel, Bridgeport, East Hartford Waterbury, New Haven, as well as more than 100 other locations in 18 states.

The Walmart Foundation provided the grant for training, which will primarily help women below the poverty line, as part of the organization’s Global Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative. 

A goal of the initiative is to help 200,000 U.S. women from low-income households access job training, education, career counseling and mentoring to increase their employment opportunities. 

“Walmart is making it possible for Connecticut residents to get a solid foundation and a head start in the healthcare field through our Nurse Assistant Training course,” said Stacey Lucibello, program manager. “This will make such an impact—as many as 10 times the number of annual graduates from our program would like to take the course but cannot afford to do so.”


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