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Newborn Nurses Fall Education Festival

Newborn Nurses Fall Education Festival

Newborn Nurses hosted a Fall Education Festival on Tuesday, November 28 and Wednesday

November 29, 2017. Newborn Nurses employees were invited to come and refresh their skills and learn new ones. There were presentations on Hyqvia and Entyvio. Breakfast and lunch were served and door prizes were handed out to all attendees.


Camden County CMO Provider Fair

This photo is from the Camden County CMO Provider Fair. Mara, a case manager from New Behavioral Network, attended this event in order to promote our child mental health and behavioral consultation services. I asked Mara to give a brief description of the event and she said,

“The fair was a great place for us to showcase NBN and the services we provide for ISS, IIH, IIC and our NBN Explorers summer camp.  We pride ourselves for having a great collaboration between ISS, IIH and IIC services, as we have clients who utilize both and try our best to meet the needs of each client. We gave out our homemade sensory slime, which Deanna concocted in our big cauldron… she is willing to share the recipe, because it was such a big hit! The slime is made with scented oils, which makes it an all around great fun and sensory choice for our clients.”

Keep an eye out for our next post to get the recipe for our homemade sensory slime!