Companions For Care

Companions For Care has brought about great changes for our families. Many of our clients have found that they have increased mobility, increased socialization and have decreased the necessity to rely on friends and family for care.

NJ Office of Emergency Management Notice

In preparation for 2010 Hurricane season as well as any potential emergency event, the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management has created New Jersey’s Special Needs Registry for Disasters – a free, voluntary and confidential program designed to assist people with special needs who may find it difficult to get to safety in the event of an emergency.

“The time to get ready is now,” said Colonel Fuentes. “Make an evacuation plan for yourself, your family, and your pets. Prepare a readiness kit of things you’ll need to have with you if you must evacuate or shelter in place for an extended period of time. Talk now to friends and family who can help you get to safety when a crisis hits,” Colonel Fuentes added.

People with special needs (or caregivers on their behalf) are encouraged to register electronically, if possible, by accessing Alternatively, they can call New Jersey’s toll-free 2-1-1 telephone service. This service will register people, offer free translation, and provide TTY services for the hearing-impaired. Paper registration forms are also available at all 21 county offices of emergency management via:

A Home Safety Checklist!!

Does your family have a “Home Fire Escape Plan” with a pre-determined location to meet outside?
Do you have at least one smoke detector on each floor of your home?
Do you test your 9-volt operated smoke alarms weekly and replace the battery yearly?
Do you test your 10 year lithium battery operated smaoke alarms weekly?
Do you always make sure that matches and smoking materials are out before disposing of them?
Have you made “Take Smoking Outside the Home” a safety rule for your family?
Do you read warning labels on all aerosol cans? (Some propellants are highly flammable)
If you have a family member in your home using oxygen is that person forbidden from smoking in the same room with oxygen equipment?
Are there enough electrical outlets in each room to avoid the need for multiple attachment plugs and long extension cords?
Do you have special circuits for heavy-duty appliances such as air conditioners?
Do you frequently check extension cords and appliance cords for wear?
Do you avoid draping extension cords & wiring over pipes or nails?
Do you keep your basement, attic & closets cleared of combustible materials?
Do you keep paint, varnish & other metal containers tightly closed?
Do you properly dispose of unwanted hazardous materials such as paint & varnish?
Does everyone in your family know never to use gasoline or other flammable fluids for indoor cleaning?
Do you always turn off portable heaters when you go to bed?
Do you always refill the fuel tank of your portable heaters outdoors?
Do you make sure that every portable heater is a safe distance away from curtains, bedding & furniture?
Are your kitchen stove, oven & broiler kept clean of grease?
Are curtains near kitchen ranges and heating equipment arranged so that curtains do not blow over or near the stove?
Do you make sure food is not left on the stove unattended?
Do you turn pot handles inward from the edge of the stove?
Do you keep matches & lighters out of children’s reach?
Do you leave a responsible person with your children when you go out (even for a short period)?
Does your babysitter know what to do in case of a fire or an emergency?
Do you keep burning candles away from children & combustibles?