March of Dimes Nurse of the Year Awards for 2014

On Wednesday evening, November 19, Madge Wedderburn, RN was honored by the March of Dimes as a finalist in their annual Nurse of the Year award. Along with her patient, her family, and many colleagues from Newborn Nurses, Madge attended the awards dinner in Edison, New Jersey for the awards ceremony. As an employee of Newborn Nurses, Madge has worked with one patient for 10 years. As his primary nurse, she has been steadfast in providing skilled nursing care and creating an opportunity for him to have the best quality of life possible.

Through the Nurse of the Year Awards, the March of Dimes recognizes nurses who demonstrate outstanding patient care, compassion, and service and celebrates the nursing profession. These exceptional nurses fall into many categories such as health care providers, educators and researchers to chapter volunteers and advisors. They have all contributed to improving the health of New Jersey’s mothers and babies.

The group was extremely happy and proud to celebrate the nomination of Newborn Nurses own Madge Wedderburn. “Madge is a true example of what a Champion of Caring is and is an inspiration to all of us at The NBN Group” Said Linda Begley, the President of The NBN Group and Newborn Nurses.

In a letter to The March of Dimes nominating Madge, Linda Grasso, the mother of our patient Nicholas described the care that Madge has administered during the past ten years. “She is his advocate, his best friend and pal, his second mother. Basically, she is his guardian angel come to life” Taken from Diane’s letter.

From Left Barbara Massa, Danielle Kane, Linda Begley, Wendi Johnsen and Lisa Risack


Madge Wedderburn and Nicholas Grasso


The following is Diane’s letter:

July 2014 Parents Testimonial for March of Dimes Nurse of the Year

For the past 10 years we have been blessed to have Madge Wedderburn as Nicholas’ private duty nurse; she is extremely knowledgeable, very reliable and completely committed to my son’s well-being. Nick has a very complex medical background and Madge’s highly experienced nursing skills have dramatically improved his overall health.  She begins each shift in prayer and then starts her head to toe assessment in a very pleasant way. She’s usually singing songs, making up crazy stories, or telling jokes just to keep him relaxed and entertained.  All throughout the shift she’s very diligent about administering his medications and treatments. She’s constantly assessing him, always repositioning him, feeding him safely, doing range of motion – all in a fun way to keep him involved and stimulated. She works tirelessly at finding activities that he is able to do and patiently encourages him to communicate and to move. Whenever the smallest opportunity arrives she’ll praise him and proudly say “That’s my boy!”  As the shift ends, Madge hugs and kisses him goodbye, tells him she loves him and then says another prayer with him for a safe night.  She’ll always say, “Call me if you need me. I’m only a phone call away.”

NBN Infusions now Provides Lumizyme in Homecare Setting

NBN Infusions has exciting news!  We can now provide home infusion for our patients fighting Pompe’s Disease.  Lumizyme is an ezyme replacement therapy that until August of 2014 was traditionally given in the hospital setting.  The FDA has recently approved Lumizyme for homecare.  Our team of clinicians including Pharmacists and Registered Nurses went through extensive training to become proficient in the administration of this ERT.  They did mock trials of preparing and infusing the drug to make certain they had everything correct and everyone knew the procedures to follow for infusing this complicated drug.  We began successfully providing Lumizyme in the homecare setting in October of 2014.

NBN Infusions is so proud of our dedicated team of clinicians who worked so hard to get it right for our patient.  The impact of the patient being able to receive this ERT in the home setting is profound.   There is no place like home.