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10 Tips for Giving Your Child Positive Feedback




When giving your children positive praise, remember these suggestions….


1. There’s no time like the present: Give feedback immediately after observing the ability or behavior. Positive praise is more effective when given as soon as possible.


2. Give feedback in public and in private: Find out what your child prefers. If your child is comfortable receiving praise in public, then don’t be afraid to go for it. You are proud of them, so let everyone know it!


3. Give feedback regularly: practice makes perfect. Do not overlook the small things.


4. Does the reward match the effort?: Ask this question before rewarding or praising your child. You do not want to go over the top with rewards and you don’t want to under appreciate their effort. Some actions and abilities require simple verbal praise, while others deserve a more substantial reward.


5. Don’t play favorites: If dealing with multiple children, be sure to give equal praise when deserved.


6. Say what you mean: Do not be fake! Your child may pick up on it. Make sure the praise you are giving is truly how you feel.


7. Be specific: When giving verbal praise, make sure you state exactly what they did. Being specific helps the child remember the positive action and avoids any confusion.


8. Written words can be meaningful as well: Do not limit yourself to just verbal praise. Write your child a kind note stating how you are proud of them and what they have achieved or how they have behaved.


9. Concentrate on one ability at a time: Keep the praise focused on one ability, achievement, or behavior. Do not overwhelm your child by praising every good thing about them at once.


10. Educate your child: Feedback should be educational. Make sure your feedback is teaching the child something. There should be a goal in mind when giving feed back. It may be as simple as teaching your child the proper way to give positive feedback.




Here is a list of over 100 ways to say “Good job!” Add some variety to your positive praise and try some of these phrases!