Guide to healthy holiday eating

Guide to healthy holiday eating

Guide to healthy holiday eating

Guide to healthy holiday eating


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The American Heart Association released its annual “Holiday Healthy Eating Guide,” which includes tips, recipes and resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the busy holiday season.


The 13-page guide is available free online at HolidayGuide.

The Heart Association also recommends using a free personal calorie calculator at, according to a written release from the organization.


“Knowing how many calories are in favorite holiday menu items can help manage weight,” the release said. “The AHA offers healthy substitutions in the guide as well as healthy recipes.”

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Japanese cuisine makes UN list


The United Nations cultural organization has added traditional Japanese food to its cultural heritage list, making it only the second national cuisine to receive the prized designation.

A UNESCO committee announced the decision last week at a meeting in Azerbaijan.


Previously, only French cooking had been distinguished as a national culinary tradition. UNESCO has also recognized specific dishes from Mexico and Turkey, and added the Mediterranean diet — the tradition of sharing food and eating together — at the meeting.

Known as “washoku,” Japan’s traditional cooking embraces seasonal ingredients, a unique taste and a style of eating steeped in centuries of tradition.


Japan hopes that UNESCO recognition will both send a global message and boost efforts to save washoku at home.

Purists fear that Japanese are turning away from the often time-consuming traditional cooking, as fast food and western cuisine become more popular and people lead busier lives.


Masanori Aoyagi, the commissioner of Japan’s Cultural Affairs Agency, told the UNESCO committee that washoku gives Japanese a feeling of social cohesion. He said that it’s low-calorie and healthy, but joked that it doesn’t work in his case, because “I take always double portions.”


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Walmart, Red Cross Use $3.5 Million Grant to Train for Healthcare Jobs

Walmart, Red Cross Use $3.5 Million Grant to Train for Healthcare Jobs

Walmart, Red Cross Use $3.5 Million Grant to Train for Healthcare Jobs


Walmart, Red Cross Use $3.5 Million Grant to Train for Healthcare Jobs

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A $3.5 million grant from the Walmart Foundation will aid the American Red Cross in training students for healthcare assistant jobs, including home health care workers.

The organizations will help 2,500 students across the U.S. receive training for entry-level healthcare careers via the Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training (NAT) program so that they may become Certified Nurse Assistants to work in home health care, assisted living, nursing homes and hospital settings.

The NAT program is available in the Connecticut cities of Bethel, Bridgeport, East Hartford Waterbury, New Haven, as well as more than 100 other locations in 18 states.

The Walmart Foundation provided the grant for training, which will primarily help women below the poverty line, as part of the organization’s Global Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative. 

A goal of the initiative is to help 200,000 U.S. women from low-income households access job training, education, career counseling and mentoring to increase their employment opportunities. 

“Walmart is making it possible for Connecticut residents to get a solid foundation and a head start in the healthcare field through our Nurse Assistant Training course,” said Stacey Lucibello, program manager. “This will make such an impact—as many as 10 times the number of annual graduates from our program would like to take the course but cannot afford to do so.”


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