NBN Medical Boutique Now Carrying Benik Protective G-Tube Belt

This neoprene protective G-tube belt is the best thing for pediatric patients with a G-tube. It comes with a protective turtle shell, keeping the tube safe and in place. The cool colors make it fun and the neoprene fabric lends itself to being comfortable. The NBN Medical Boutique carries the Benik protective G-Tube belts because they are such a great product. We carry them in a variety of colors.

G-Tube belt on child

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NBN Nurse is Super Hero!

A little girl being reassured by her caring nurse

Today one of our Private Duty Nursing patients, a four year old little boy, coded. His mom called to report that RN from Newborn Nurses saved his life! The nurse bagged him and called 911. When the child coded a second time in the ambulance, the nurse jumped into action again. The patient was med flighted to Dupont Hospital for Children in Wilmington DE., where he is being treated. Our Home Care Facilitator for Newborn Nurses, was able to visit with the family at Dupont, and will help to schedule additional hours needed for him when he is released.