The NBN Group goes Blue for “Chronic Care Connection”

jeans day2

Thursday October 15, 2015, The NBN Group wears blue to show support for Chronic Care Connection.

The employees of the NBN Group made contributions and wore blue jeans today to show support for Chronic Care Connection, a division of the NBN Group. Chronic Care Connection is a 501(C) 3 Tax Exempt, Non Profit organization and it is run entirely by volunteers. Our Goal is to provide support and financial assistance to families caring for chronically ill children or adults. Each dollar donated goes directly to a family in need.  Chronic Care Connection will help families pay electric bills, buy food, clothing and toys around the holidays and birthdays.

As Fall approaches and the leaves start turning colors many of us start to think of the holidays and all the visions this time of year evokes. Hot chocolate and apple pie, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, the holiday gatherings that bring friends and families together are just around the corner. For many families, some of whom may be your neighbors; their visions are more like nightmares. Thoughts of cold weather with not enough money to pay the heating bill or to purchase the warm winter coats to keep their children warm. The thought of higher electric bills and costs for the additional equipment and supplies needed to provide the lifesaving medical treatment necessary to help in the treatment of their loved one’s illnesses, and how on earth will they manage to pay for health care bills and buy holiday dinner and presents. Many families simply cannot afford these additional costs.

Chronic Care Connection tries to help as many families as possible when faced with difficult decisions, such as whether to provide superior nutrition to a pre-mature infant or to pay the mortgage. Alleviating that stress is one of our primary goals. Families can submit a bill, and Chronic Care Connection will send a check directly to the creditor.

If you would like to join us in supporting these very deserving families click here!                      

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