Webinar for Families Scheduled

The Division of Developmental Disabilities has scheduled a webinar geared for adults with developmental disabilities who are receiving Division-funded services and their families. The webinar will discuss the new rate structure that was released in July, and is intended to assist individuals and families in understanding how the shift to a fee-for-service system will impact their services.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014, 10:00 am – 11:30 am EST
What:  Understanding the Fee for Service Rate Structure: An Overview for Individuals and Families
Presenters:  Elizabeth M. Shea, Assistant Commissioner and Thomas Papa, Chief of Staff
Registration: Reserve Your Space Now or visit the DDD News and Announcements web page and follow the registration link provided there.


People-First Language: It Really Does Matter!

We at the NBN Group feel that People First Language is vital; below find information developed by the Division of Developmental Disabilities.

People First Language – It MATTERS!

  •  In EVERY Draft 
  •  In EVERY Context 
  •  In EVERY Communication

Using People First Language (also called “person first” or “person centered” language) is a concrete and respectful way to focus on the individual rather than the disability. Please be mindful in all communications, both written and verbal, that a person with a disability is a person first.

Say Or Write* Instead of:
Person with disability Disabled person
People with disabilities The handicapped, the disabled
He has autism He is autistic
She has a developmental disability She is developmentally delayed
Congenital Disability  Birth Defect
Communicates with his eyes/device/etc. Is non-verbal
She uses a wheelchair She is confined to a wheelchair
Children without disabilities  Normal or healthy kids
He has a physical disability He’s a quadriplegic/cripped
She has high support needs She is low functioning
Accessible parking/restroom Handicapped parking/restroom
Non-ambulatory Wheelchair-bound

Click here for a version from the Division which can be printed, posted and shared with personal and professional networks.

 *This list is excerpted from an article by Kathie Snow at www.disabilityisnatural.com